Speed up page loads when working with Statamic's SEO Pro locally

April 11th 2021
Reading time 1 min

Yesterday I was working on a Statamic site and I noticed the load times were a bit slower than normal. So I started investigating. I quickly found the culprit thanks to Laravel Debugbar. It was the Statamic's SEO Pro addon:

With SEO Pro enabled:

Without SEO Pro enabled:

Yikes, almost a second extra load time. As I don't need good SEO locally the solution was simple: only render the seo tag when the environment is not local. So I added a if around the tag:

{{# base.antlers.html #}}

{{ if environment != 'local' }}
  {{ seo_pro:meta }}
{{ /if }}

So if you are not working with Laravel Debugbar yet, go install it. It's truly an essential tool when developing with Laravel.

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